Fifth Week

(March 25th - March 29th, 2002)

Montag 25. Marz, 2002

Today I took my camera in to the repair shop.  Should know in a few days how much it will cost.  We also started classes today with IES.  Went to AH322 "German Art Between Conformity and Provocation", PH490 "Core Texts In 19th and 20th Century Philosophy", and CM322 "Public Opinion, Propaganda, and the Political Process."  I think philosophy may be a bit much for me, but I'll give it another shot on Thursday.

Dienstag 26. Marz, 2002

More classes.  Today went to GR305 "Advanced German", DR444"Contemporary German Stage II", and HS310 "Authoritarian and Democratic Traditions of Germany."  I also spent over an hour at the post office trying to figure out how to send packages.  I've been to all of the classes now, and just need to decide between philosophy and history.

Wednesday 27. Marz, 2002

Biggest day of classes.  AH322, DR444, HS310, CM322.  I think I will just stick with HS310 instead of going to Philosophy anymore.  Also, I found a scanner today and scanned some of my postcards.  I've added them to the website.  Not like having the digital camera back, but its something.

Thursday 28. Marz, 2002

Okay, this text only thing really isn't that much fun... anyway, the rest of the week was just classes and stuff.  I'm just going to move on to Easter Break....

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