News:  Alright, it only took me 7 months to finish up, but the website is finally completed with all of my pictures from Germany.  For those of you whom I spent several months in Germany with, I miss you, and I hope to see you all again.  - Adam

Hello, my name is Adam Kraft, and I am from Colorado, USA.  My hometown is Aurora,
but I attend school at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. 
I studied in Freiburg, Germany for the Spring 2002 semester.

This site acts as an "online digital multimedia journal" and is where I have many of my pictures from my experiences while abroad as well as some of my ramblings in both English and German about the experiences.  I hope you enjoy it. 

Pictures from my Study Abroad in Germany!

Freiburg is the blue star!

(Click on a city*, or area, in the picture to see pictures of it,
 or select a section from below.)
*Note: Only cities, or areas, which I was in have pictures, move your cursor
over the picture to find them.

Trip and Arrival

Schwarzwald Trip One

First Week

Schwarzwald Trip Two

Second Week

France Trip

Third Week

First Trip

Fifth Week

Easter Break


Berlin Trip

Tenth Week

Eleventh Week

Twelfth Week

Pentacost Break Travels

Fourteenth Week

Fifteenth Week

Sixteenth Week

Last Week

Leaving and Return


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