Family, Friends, And Home

Brian & Jamie Dad, Mom & Deanna Jon (Jon has a website - Click Here)

Calling Cards

At the top of the third mountain at Keystone Ski Resort. (2006)


Before I left for Germany, Oma came over for brunch, and visited for a while.

Later, Grandma and her friend Bill came over for dinner.

Deanna and I even found time to make some cookies.  I was going to bring some with me, but forgot.

These are our two dogs - Schatzie and Summer. Summer is mostly Deanna's dog.

Brian, Jamie, and Deanna with Brian's dog Aspen and Jamie's dog Kylie on New Years Eve.

On Easter, Jon took some pictures, and made a web site for me to be able to see what they did.

Easter 2002, back home.