(see also pictures of Freiburg)

Vauban is the Studentendorf (dorm essentially) where I stayed while in Germany.  The pictures on this page are of Vauban and my Wohnheimgemeinschaft (WG), which literally translates to living community, but was sort of like a flat.

Vauban Exterior

Vauban (my building) from the front.

My building from the back.  The window with the red towel hanging out of it was my kitchen.

View of the Vauban complex from my window.

More of the complex.

Vauban Interior (my WG)

Our kitchen at a clean state (which it rarely actually was).

Other side of the kitchen.

The hallway towards my room from the kitchen.

One of our bathrooms.  I shared this one with one other guy.

My room at the end of the semester. There was nothing in it when I got there.