Pentecost Break Travels (continued)

(May 17th Through May 28th, 2002)


Monday, May 27th

On Monday I spent the day with Walter and Susie in Vienna.  After a good breakfast at their pension, we just did a little walking around, and went to the Augustiner Kirche (Church).

Susie and Walter in Augustiner Kirche.

As we were walking around, we saw this memorial to Joseph Haydn.  It translates: "In this place stood the house until 1894 in which Joseph Haydn lived between 1795 and 1797.  He wrote 2 Masses and the 'Kaiserlied' here."

Then, Susie and I went for lunch at a great place called "Kurkonditorei Oberlaa" which is renowned for its deserts - rightfully so!  I had a delicious Irish Cream Cake after an excellent lunch!

Susie and I enjoying lunch.

After lunch, Susie and I went and took a tour of the Vienna Staatsoper (Opera House), which has the largest stage in the world.

After the tour, as we were walking around, we watched some street performers in Stephansplatz.

This is an awesome picture - he did a front flip over his four friends, and I managed to catch him in mid-air!

Other street performers.

That evening, Walter and Susie took for dinner.  I had rabbit for the first time - its very good!

Then, after dinner, Susie said I needed to try a special Vienna wurst, so I got one of those too.  I was very full!


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