Pentecost Break Travels (continued)

(May 17th Through May 28th, 2002)


Friday, May 24th

Am Freitag, gingen wir nach Schloß Schönbrunn.
(On Friday, we went to Schönbrunn Palace.)

Colleen, Emily, Tom and Lucas nn front of Schönbrunn Palace

In the gardens.

Fountain in the gardens.

Me behind Schönbrunn.

Emily behind Schönbrunn looking up at the monument.

We also paid to go into the Labyrinth in the Schönbrunn gardens which has a bunch of activities in it.

Human Kaleidascope!  Who's real and who's a reflection?  :-)

Emily playing with the toys.

Middle of the labyrinth.

I also copied down the following puzzle which can be found in the labyrinth... Have Fun!
Schönbrunn Labrynth Puzzle

Novice Rules:
Start at middle bottom at "+1".  The number on the square tells you how many steps you
can move in any direction (left, right, forward, or back . . . ignore the "+" or "-" signs for the simple game). 
The objective is to get to the center square with the circle in it.

Expert Rules:
Follow the above rules, however as you move around, add or subtract the number you are on. 
When you reach the middle, your answer should be zero.

Expert Example:  Start at "+1" and take one step to the left.  You are now at "-2" (which sums to -1)
continue by going 2 steps e.g. to the right, where you would land on -3 (which then sums to -4)
...continue until you get to the center, and you sum to 0.

After Schönbrunn we went and hung out in downtown Vienna, and then later went and saw Dornröschen (Sleeping Beauty) at the Staatsoper (the main Opera house for the country), which I later learned is the largest stage in the world.

Downtown Vienna


Katey, Tome, Lucas, Emily, and Colleen on the steps inside the Staatsoper.

After the ballet we went to a bar called Centimeter, because they had a "special" entree.

Me and Emily

The "special entree" is a wheelbarrow full of food.  Mmmmmm!!!!


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