Pentecost Break Travels (continued)

(May 17th Through May 28th, 2002)


Thursday, May 23rd

Am Donnerstag kamm ich am 9 Uhr morgens in Vienna an.  Ein 12 Stunde Zugfahr.
(On Thursday I arrived in Vienna at 9 o'clock in the morning.  A 12 hour train trip.)

So, I went and found a hostel for the night, which took a while, but I ended up at the newest hostel in Vienna, the Westend, which was very good and conveniently placed right by the West Train Station.

First I went and found where my home choir at CSU was staying,
the Parkhotel Schnbrunn.  But most of them were gone for the day
until 4:30 when they were meeting for dinner.

After I had dinner with them, I went to Karlskirche (St. Charles's Church) where they were performing.

Warming up.

They started off singing outside to entice people to come in and listen.

They sang a very nice concert, and I am glad I was able to go and see them perform.

Group shot after the concert.

Dr. Egbert and his brother (also Dr. Egbert) with their tour guide.

Emily and me in Karlskirche.

Later we went out and explored Vienna.

Colleen, Emily and me.

Tom, Glenn, Katie, Nick, Colleen, Lucas, and Emily at the "Peacock" bar in Vienna.


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