Pentecost Break Travels (continued)

(May 17th Through May 28th, 2002)


Wednesday, May 22nd

Am Mittwoch hatte ich ungefähr 12 stunden in Hamburg vor mein Zug nach Wien fährt.
(On Wednesday I had approx. 12 hours in Hamburg bevor my train left for Vienna.)

Das Rathaus.
(Town Hall.)

A monument to WWI soldiers.  It says:
"Fourty thousand sons of this city lost their lives for you."

Die Ruine St. Nikolai.
(The ruins of St. Nikolai)

The sign says:
"St. Nikolai - Symbol for peace.  International meeting place."

Die Elbe


Große Freiheit Straße

The one thing I paid to do in Hamburg (besides eat) was a brand new attraction called the "Hamburg Dungeon." 
It was half Haunted House and half history of Hamburg lesson, and was very cool.  When it is completed
it will also finish with a water ride, unfortunately, it was not yet finished when I was there. :-(

Während ich in Hamburg war, war George W. Bush in Berlin, so es gab große Protesten gegen seiner Politik und die USA.
While I was in Hamburg, Bush was in Berlin, so there were big protests against his politics and the USA in every major city.

I will translate and/or write down what the signs that I can read say:

"Against imperialism and fascism..."

"Give bread to the needy, not oil to the greedy."
"Saddam and George, allied against..."

"Actively stand against Bush's new war."
"War = Terror"


Me in Hamburg!

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