Fifteenth Week

June 9th Through June 15th

Thursday, June 13th

On Thursday, Ali and I went and sat by the Dreisam after lunch to get some work done.  Its a popular place for students to study and sunbathe.

Friday, June 14th

On Friday a few of us got together to have dinner.

Here's Katie!

Johannes being goofy while Katie gives "bunny ears."

After dinner Nina proved to me she could juggle (with help of the door) while Katie checked her e-mail.

Saturday, June 15th

On Saturday, Nina, Jenny and I had rehearsal for choir.

ALBAN STOLZ DISCO #2!!! On Saturday evening I went to the second Alban Stolz disco of the semester.

Ali, Kelly, Ricky, Amy and Kristen

Amy talked Ricky into dancing with her.  Go Ricky!

The night started with a band which Jeff joined playing for a while.

"Rockstar Jeff"

Kristen, Jeff and Ali

Then we went to the actual "disco part"...

Party pic

Full year Jeff having some success (not totally getting the cold shoulder)
with a german girl.
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