Hi, my name is Adam Kraft.  Thank you for visiting my site.  I hope that you enjoy what you find here.  Be sure to check out the Study Abroad section as it is the most developed section of my site.

In December 2003, I graduated from Colorado State University with a BS in BA in Computer Information Services. I recently moved from Fort Collins and purchased a house with my girlfriend Laura in Aurora, CO.  We have a dog, Oso ("bear" in Spanish), and a bird, Hund ("dog" in German).  I own my own Pre-Paid Legal business where we offer Legal and Identity Theft protection plans.  I also am the IT Operations Specialist for Metropolitan Homes in Denver.

This page is supposed to be about me, but you can't really find out about me without seeing my family and home where I grew up.

Family & Home

Since this page is constantly under development I hope you will check back in the future for updates.

Thanks for visiting!



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